Monday, October 13, 2014

Drum - Haiku

autumns fingertips
thrump in red, orange and yellow,
seasonal heart beats

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Friday, October 10, 2014

She plants

Following a familiar path,
one she could walk with eyes closed,
her trowel in one hand
and a bag of daffies in the other
she pauses at a clump of leaves,
have I planted in this spot,

she ponders.

Stooping to feel the damp earth
her fingers dig into the soil
grasping a handful to determine
it its been worked in the last month,
feeling the hardness of soil.

Deeper and deeper the trowel digs
creating a hole double wide,
bulbs are gently placed into their winter home
closer than instructions instruct, after all
they are written from another continent.

Back filling with sand and home made compost
her tiny feet trample the spot
while the watering can soaks the newly planted
refraining from sticks and signs
leaving the surprise and joy
of a colourful welcome to spring

she believes.  

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mister G. Toadie - Haiku

Mister G. Toadie
emerges from the garden,
belly needs a rub

Mister G. Toadie
emerges from the garden,
cranky isn't the word

Mister G. Toadie
emerges from the garden,
latest camouflage

This fellow has taken up residency in my garden. Bully for him! Mind you I'm a tad ticked because he was no where to be found when the slug invasion took place. Boooooo for him!
Mr. Toadie seems to come and go as he pleases and in a way that pleases me, though I wish he would clean up the garden before gallivanting about.    

Friday, September 26, 2014

Autumns aubusson

The early days of autumn
and leaves twirl and swirl
slowly to the ground
nipped by an early frost,
while a warm breeze blows.

This aubusson carpet
lays upon the garden floor
with leaves of walnut yellow,
purple of red maple, and young maple
all woven from natures loom.

Soft and plump from damp days
they will soon lay themselves
creating a right of autumn
to walk upon crinkling leaves
dried by the waning sun.

No more the soft carpet
of nourished growth and life
filled with nutrients
but the colours of the demise
of our seasons of life.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My lover, my partner, my man

Eyes fluttered open
while I wrapped sheets around me
once more inhaling last nights scent of

my lover, my partner, my man

Looking out to the garden I smiled at
the early morning memories of silken strands
woven through branches glistening in sunbeams,
while frogs slowly appeared at waters edge
to take their place on the warming stones.
McChippie quietly scurried back and forth
his cheeks stuffed with ripened apples,
unafraid of us sitting and chuckling at his bravado.
Birdsong greeted us; geese flying overhead
were met with “go back! It's too soon”
as nuthatches and finches added to the chorus.
We eased into the day with steaming mugs,
smiling faces and bliss in our souls
my lover, my partner, my man and me.