Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Content - Haiku

hot sultry evening
my path lit by fireflies
content, i now sleep

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Imperial Moth

Twas a warm and rainy day, the kind where you walked with head down to avoid getting wet.  Unless you have an umbrella it doesn't happen so might as well walk with eyes wide open. On this particular day I'm glad I did walk with eyes downcast or I would have missed this beauty.  

Sweet heavens!  This moth was sheltered on a step doing its best to hide from the rain. When I saw it I stood in awe, seriously stood and stared.  What creature could this be I pondered.  The call went out and Judy recognized it as an Imperial Moth.  I have never seen such colours before and I've spent a lot of time in woods but this one was in an industrial area of town.  

Perhaps blown in by the wind its beauty will remain with me forever.  I can't express how speechless I was seeing this lovely.  I exhaled and smiled forgetting the day and gave thanks for the glory of nature. 

P.S.  Another was found the next day.  It had spots on its wings instead of stripes.  And if you zoom in you will see the rain drops on its cloak.  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Moonbeams - Haibun

This eve, this eve of the super full moon
keeps me out waiting and wanting
to soak in his glorious moonbeams.
I've seen the beginning, the subtle shine
in my windows, tempting me to spend
all night winking at him, while he
winks in return, under the bower of leaves.
His other worldly glow illuminating the garden
casting shadows where nights past there
had been none, only outlines of shrubbery.

this July's full moon
illuminates night sky path
moon beams through star fields

Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Summers Eve

Summers first sun set in a warm glow
wrapping itself in the cool breeze
and both take their leave to a warmer clime,
now not a leaf or petal moves
this first night, nor the water plants
skim across The Pond are being
chased by gleaming golden orbs.
It's a part of me to be out doors,
even as a child I remember mum
calling long after darkness descended,
Cheryl! Time to come in, NOW!”
After silence and non appearance
my sister would be quizzed where is she?,
I don't know look up a tree!”
was the usual give your head a shake reply.
I've been outside most of this month,
reviving the garden, breathing fresh air,
and pondering even as rain fell.
But tonight every living being is still
perhaps resting this summer night
after such a glorious spring
where their growth was unmatched
at least in this gardeners eyes.
As night creeps in I curl up on the chaise
patiently waiting for natures night lights
to appear, yet I'm memorized by
the reflection of candles over still water.
Reflections creating shadows in the garden
and noises from creatures yet to be determined
but for now I decide to let them be.
While my eyes flutter I take one last look
at the sky searching for stars to poke
through cloud cover, one, two, three,
their sparkles begin to show.
Counting stars I gasped as a tiny light
blinked on, off, on, off, as it followed
along the roof top. Heaven! He found me!
I'm happy and shall find me bed,
tis a night for dreamers such as I
and therefore bid thee adieu until daylight. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Drift - Haiku

o to be a frog
floating on summer breezes,
adrift in his thoughts

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