Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sometimes I just wonder...

Not to long ago Squeak was in awe of the Frog King.  These days not so much.   I've given up trying to understand how they think, they just be.  

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Haiku for a late summers eve

subtle songs of warmth
surround the scribe as she sits
chorus of crickets

wild cucumber vines
cascade over neighbours hedge
pods ripe for ambush

worm slowly appears
out of a crevice near The Pond
Pips dinner arrives

heart beat slows to pause
while Bachs cello serenades
peace in my garden

rippled hosta leaves
create shadows in sunbeams
sculpture of nature

sultry summers eve
sleep arrives easily in tune
with crickets and frogs

Monday, August 04, 2014

Pip and Squeak

Heavy rains from last week washed a couple of new friends into The Pond. Just what Froggo needed, companionship of a more 4 legged kind.

This is Pip. He's the cutttttttttttttttttest wee frog I've ever seen. Light brown in colour he's pictured here next to a 'skidder to show his teeny weeney itsey bitsey size. He is small enough to sit on a quarter. 

Next up is Squeak. Why the name? Because he squeaks of course! The only one to produce any kind of sound. Mostly he squeaks jumping into and out of the water, but I'll take it. He seems to be staring at King Frog wondering if he'll ever grow as big. Who knows what goes on in their brains.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Content - Haiku

hot sultry evening
my path lit by fireflies
content, i now sleep

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Imperial Moth

Twas a warm and rainy day, the kind where you walked with head down to avoid getting wet.  Unless you have an umbrella it doesn't happen so might as well walk with eyes wide open. On this particular day I'm glad I did walk with eyes downcast or I would have missed this beauty.  

Sweet heavens!  This moth was sheltered on a step doing its best to hide from the rain. When I saw it I stood in awe, seriously stood and stared.  What creature could this be I pondered.  The call went out and Judy recognized it as an Imperial Moth.  I have never seen such colours before and I've spent a lot of time in woods but this one was in an industrial area of town.  

Perhaps blown in by the wind its beauty will remain with me forever.  I can't express how speechless I was seeing this lovely.  I exhaled and smiled forgetting the day and gave thanks for the glory of nature. 

P.S.  Another was found the next day.  It had spots on its wings instead of stripes.  And if you zoom in you will see the rain drops on its cloak.